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Friday, March 26, 2010

Foody Friday: Going Organic

Would you continue consuming your foods if they were brightly labelled with exotic stickers indicating: Synthetic pesticides? Herbicides? Fungicides? How about toxic chemical residues of heavy metals such as lead and mercury, and solvents such as benzene and toluene?
Yah…I didn’t think so.

Choosing organic foods not only ensures you are feeding your body with unaltered highly nutritional foods but you are also supporting local farmers and the environment. It is a triple win-win situation if you ask me.

I understand that purchasing organic foods can be quite costly compared to the conventionally grown foods. But if you really think about it, if you are feeding yourself and your children foods that are more nutritious and better for you, wouldn’t that in turn cause less harmful diseases to be contracted in the future? Also, with conventional farming, we all partake in paying for the clean-up efforts of polluted waterways, rivers, and lakes and the loss of quality top soils that it causes.
Our health and the health of our children plus the state of our environment should be worth the few extra dollars that we spend now in the long run.

The following list contains the top 12 most pesticide contaminated fruits and vegetables in America. For more information please visit www.ewg.org.

1. Peach
2. apples
3. sweet bell peppers
4. celery
5. nectarines
6. strawberries
7. cherries
8. pears
9. grapes (imported)
10. spinach
11. lettuce
12. potatoes

If you can start with just those, you could be reducing the intake of harmful toxins in your body already!

Until next time team, we shouldn’t treat “organic” as a fad but THE way of eating-as our ancestors did for thousands of years before us.

Health respect & happiness,

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