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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Update! Update!

Greetings Team!

I must apologize for not having new information up for such a long while. Going through some changes here, please be patient as I work out the final details.

You can look forward to some new updated daily "topic themes":

Mommy Monday: Everyone has a mother, knows someone who is a mother OR maybe, even a mother themselves. Fitness, health & nutrition can be tricky when going through this stage in your life, this information will help!
Training Tuesday: Training tips, suggestions, ideas, information...get to know your training body type!
WHAT?! Wednesday: Fad diets, myths, and the skinny on what to watch out for!
Therapeutic Thursday: Did you know that REST and RECOVERY are part of your training program? Here I talk about alternate means to fitness, nutrition & optimal health. Holistic training is where it's at!
Foody Friday: Recipes, nutrition tidbits, food facts....it's all about what we eat!

And watch out for the newest:
STAR SATURDAY! It's a special log only published once a month - on the very last Saturday. It will feature a guest writer, who I hand pick, to give us their personal viewpoint on fitness, health & nutrition.

As you can see, there is a lot of fun and interesting things to look forward to here! I am set to launch these newest updates in APRIL.

Until next time Team, keep an eye out...cause it's gonna be great!