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Friday, March 22, 2013

Foody Friday | Oats for breaky

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!!
Yeah yeah yeah....

I know we have all heard that line before. And I know people who SWEAR by getting through a morning on an empty stomach is the way to go --- but here is the facts Team: Your body needs fuel. Feed it. Your body is also adaptable, so if you DON'T feed it, it will learn to expect no food in the morning yet still be able to function. NOTE: I said function....I didn't say function to it's best of it's capabilities and beyond. Do yourself a favor, teach your body to need fuel in the morning and watch you turn into getting through the morning to KILLING it.

So...does what you eat make a difference? Sure it does.
Let's talk about oats.

I would avoid using the instant kind if you can. Yes, it is convenient...but the health factor within those little packets is rather low. They entice your taste buds with yummy names like "peaches & cream" or "maple cinnamon" -- but that really translates to ARTIFICIAL FLAVORING, SUGAR, SUGAR, and more SUGAR. If you are feeding your children this stuff, thinking you are helping your child's health--I'd probably ween em off this soon.

Have you heard of Steel Cut Oats? This is probably what our grandmothers or great grandmothers ate growing up...the real stuff! It takes a good deal longer to prepare...and the taste is not as sugary-flavorful, but it sure packs a punch in the health department compared the instant stuff!
*Lower glycemic index and blood sugar response
*Greater satiety (you feel fuller, longer)
*Greater vitamin and mineral content
*Greater overall nutritional value

I am not going to lie, the blandness could bother some of you. Here are some delicious options to help the medicine go down:
*vanilla flavored protein powder and frozen berries (of your choice)
*stevia, unsweetened cocoa powder and sliced banana
*smooth natural nut (almond, cashew, peanut...) butter

Use your imagination guys...healthy doesn't have to be bland!!

Until next time Team, go enjoy some oats!
Health respect & happiness,